Productive Sales Consulting is a food brokerage company located in Richmond, Virginia specializing in bringing natural, specialty, and gourmet foods from small- and medium-size local vendors to points of sale throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Paxton Campbell owns Productive Sales. He not only connects top-quality food products with retailers and wholesalers whose customers want them, but also consults on food production, packaging, and marketing – every step in the kitchen-to-shelf process.  

What is a food broker?

A food broker facilitates getting products – that tongue-tickling African-tinged spicy sauce or that you-gotta-try-this Chesapeake-Bay-inspired bloody mary mix -- from the food manufacturer to the shelves of markets, stores, larger distributors, or even food service companies, making a commission only when the goods are actually sold and delivered.

View me as your business partner. If you make the salsa, I'm your sales department. If you're looking for the hottest BBQ sauce in town because your retail customers demand it, I'll get it for you.

If you're a food retailer or wholesaler or food service provider... me, Paxton, at 804-690-6003 or email me at to supply your regional specialty, natural, and gourmet foods.

Looking for foods with or without certain ingredients, specific certifications, or particularly sourced? I'll get you what you want. (Or I'll tell you that I can't. But I'll never sell you something that isn't what you asked for.)

If you make a fabulous barbeque sauce that your friends insist you should bottle and sell...

...or maybe you already have the bottle and label but want to get it to a larger market, I'm particularly interested in helping you.

I really, well, savor working with small- to medium-size food manufacturers, helping you navigate the waters of getting a product from your facility to the retail and food service marketplace through the distribution system.

Don't have the label, pricing, or packaging? Or don't even know how to start? Build on my experience! I'll guide you.

Call me at 804-690-6003 or email me at to meet, when we can determine if we're a fit for each other.

Gain your share of this growing segment of the food industry!

If you're in VA, NC, DC, or MD...

...then we're neighbors. Based in Virginia, I regularly visit stores not only in Richmond, west up to the Blue Ridge mountains, and down toward Virginia Beach, Newport News, Norfolk and that area, but also at the Outer Banks and other parts of North Carolina; northern Virginia and Washington, DC; and Maryland.

And no worries if you're even a little farther than that. If we're a team, I'll make it work.

Why work with Productive Sales Consulting?

I love what I do. I love to help small vendors connect with their market. I love to help supermarkets and stores have quality food to offer their customers. And I love it when customers are happy: their palates, their tummies, their smiles.

(I fully admit that I'm passionate about all things food in my private life too. Love digging for that authentic ingredient, cooking it up in just the right dish, sharing it with friends and family, and of course, eating it! Don't you?)

Combine that passion with my lifetime in the industry, though, and you have a truly helpful partner. I've managed in supermarkets, brokered products, and even manufactured my own food. This extensive experience maximizes your success while minimizing frustration, making it a smoother and quicker process from creation to delivery.

Give me a call at 804-690-6003 or contact me via your preferred method and put my experience to work for you.



What you don't just find in your regular grocery store. Not staples, but rather rarer and "high-value," often "made in small quantities from high-quality ingredients." Sometimes imported but ours aren't. 

Food Broker of Virginia's Finest


"Of high quality, of special presentation, or high sophistication." Call 'em "fancy foods."


Koto Guys Make African Sauce


Minimally processed, with no additives, including hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, food colorings, or artificial flavors.

Food Product Brokered by Paxton Campbell: Crabby Mary

Gourmet, Specialty, and Natural Food Broker Serving Mid-Atlantic





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A product can be in more than one of these groups, but Productive Sales Consulting specializes in these foods:


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